Educational Resources

The resources on this page have been designed with grades 10 to 12 (ages 15 to 17) in mind, and can be adapted for use in history, music, language studies, and other social studies classrooms.

They may also be used outside of a formal classroom environment in your community.


Music Awards

Guiding question: What genres of music are recognized/celebrated?

Level: 10

Queerness and Musical Boundaries

Guiding question: How do experimental creative practices support social activism?

Level: 11

Copyright and Fair Use

Guiding questions: Who owns the legal rights to music? What is fair use?

Level: 12


Sampling in Music and Writing

Guiding question: How does music sampling translate to writing?

Level: 10

Writing and Editing

Guiding question: How do we write and edit a poem?

Level: 12

Spaces / places

Guiding question: How do we write ourselves into spaces and places and how do they write onto us?

Level: 12


A History of Musical Venues

Guiding Question: Where is music performed and for what purpose?

Level: 10

Musical Migrations

Guiding Questions: How has immigration shaped the Canadian musical and cultural landscape? What contributions have artists from other countries made to Canadian culture and identity?

Level: 11

Sounding Canadian

Guiding Questions: What does “Canadian-ness” sound like? How have structures of power and privilege, including institutional racism and settler colonialism, shaped Canada’s sonic landscape and cultural identity?

Level: 12